Brett’s Run 2007-2015

We would like to thank the runners, sponsors, and volunteers for all your support over the last nine years.  Because of you, we have accomplished something great and awarded over $80,000.00 in scholarships to Genoa Kingston high school seniors.


Brett’s Run was considered one of the best 5K races in the area and that is something to be PROUD of. The race began in 2007 from an idea Lauren had and with lots of hard work her idea became a reality. We all remember that first year and how shocked we were that people actually showed up and how crazy it was. We learned a lot over the past nine years and watched thousands of runners cross the finish line. The memories of this race will last in our hearts forever.


After 9 years of success with the event, 2015 was the final year of the Brett’s Run 5K with all remaining race funds transferred to the newly established Brett and Thomas Kubasiak Scholarship fund. We are so proud that the race was successful and that through this fund, we can honor Brett and Tom for years to come.


Once again thank you to everyone for all you have done to make Brett’s Run a success, and especially for helping us remember a wonderful five year old little boy and his father Tom.


Thank you,


Cathy Kubasiak

Lauren and Derek L’Huillier

Kate, Brent and Piper Holcomb




Scholarship Recipients

Class of 2009

Jacob Aguinga
Kip Beach
Angela Brown
Kim Giannoni
Aaron Gingerich
Rebecca Joos
Adam Lucca
Britni Michael
Kara O'Herron
Kristin Orozco
Michael Schwark
Nicholas Smith
Lauren Strohmaier
Jessica Walberg
Alexandra Zachwieja



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